Enas Hasan

Senior Developer
Hitting the gym (even for just 30 mins) gives me a boost for the rest of the day

For more than 10 years, Enas has been developing websites and web applications in Drupal, Laravel, and Angular for a wide variety of partners throughout North America. From developing platforms for pharmaceutical companies to fundraising platforms used by non-profits across the continent, Enas is well versed in scalable and user-friendly solutions.

Outside of work, she is mother of four who balances a busy and blessed life with her husband and children. Enas enjoys baking, interior design, and staying connected with friends.

Enas Hasan

Some of Enas's Projects

Change can be hard. With change comes the feeling of unfamiliarity that naturally brings with it a certain level of discomfort. But as hard as change is, it is also the key ingredient for growth. A concept we often find ourselves explaining to potential clients.


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